Welcome to Medalcraft Mint Inc.

Medalcraft Mint is a leading manufacturer of high quality die-struck medals, medallions, coins, key tags, and lapel pins for your award, gift and commemorative needs. Over 500 stock products. Complete in-house capabilities for your custom projects.

Our craftsmanship, quality and service have received numerous awards. You can depend on Medalcraft Mint's team for high quality items, attentive service and on-time delivery for your special event.

Only Solid Materials

All medals, medallions, and other items are die-struck from solid brass, nickel-silver, bronze, copper, as well as precious metals. Only the finest materials available, selected for their metallic composition and purity, are used to product The Medalcraft Mint products.

Die Striking

Each design is hand-sculpted or engraved to scale in a steel die block. Coining presses "strike" the material, forcing it into the die cavity, making an exact impression of the image from the hand-cut die.